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Sri Lanka Bharatha Community

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People of Sri Lanka

“Sri Lankan” - Our Identity
“Diversity” - Our Strength 

First Published in March 2017

The Ministry of National Coexistence,
Dialogue and Offcial Languages 

Page No: 249 to 269

Sri Lanka Bharatha Community

-Written by: Mr. J.V.C. Croos

Bharathas in Sri Lanka have always been a peaceful and law-abiding community that is socially and economically active. The Bharatha identity is maintained by a relatively prosperous merchant group from South India that settled amongst the Sinhalese in the costal belt stretching from Mannar to Panadura. First they came to trade in pearls in Mannar and then even took to diving. Later another group of Bharathas who came to work in the Colombo Port fanned out, along the maritime belt specialising in trade, especially coconut, dry fsh, real estate development and arrack renting.  Some of them also moved inland settling in areas like Kandy and Kurunegala. Yet another group settled down in Negombo and engaged in lucrative trade activities. Most of the older generation communicate in Tamil whilst the younger generation communicate in Sinhala and English due to integration with the main community. Majority of Bharathas are Roman Catholics.

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