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Paravars are the Original Indians. Paravars are also called Bharathar, they are the original Indians who inhabited the Indus Valley before the arrival of the Aryans from central Asia. Hence they are the original Dravidians. The linguistic similarity between Bharat and Bharathar may simply be mere co-incidence.
Paravars lived along with Maravar (Thevar) in harmony, since they were blood related and from the same stock . Famous titles of "Rayar", has been shared by members of these two royal kshathriya clans of Pandya kingdom. 
Rev. Father Henry Heras S.J. gives the following description of the Paravars in his Mohenjo Daro, “The People and the Land”. Paravanad – the country of the Paravas (Sea– in Tamil “paravai”). They are still numerous in the Coromandel Coast in South India and in Ceylon.
Paravars worshipped Varunan. Pattinappaalai (200 AD) gives a vivid picture of Varunan cult of Paravars. The fisherfolk call the sea as Mother Sea and revere her as Goddess. Ahananooru talks about sea Goddess.
Few Paravars embraced Islam too. The Tamil Muslims called Maraikkayars (Marakkala Arayar) are Paravar converts to Islam,they dwell around Kayalpattinam coastal belt.
In Kerala, Paravans are part of Hindus caste unlike Tamil Nadu.
The President of India, K. R. Narayanan, served from 1997 until 2002 and was born to a Paravan family of Kottayam, Kerala.

But, Paravan in Kerala are entirely different from paravan in Sri Lanka. Paravan in Sri Lanka are Aryan but, in Kerala they are scheduled caste.
The King of paravas at that point of time in history was Vikrama aditya Pandian based out of Veerapandianpattinam later the ruling family and their office moved to tuticorin based on Dutch request.
The Portuguese called the area where the Paravas lived as "Costa da Pescaria" - or Land of the Pearls. Their spiritual, cultural and literary excellency brought out the first Tamil book to modern print media. The Tamil Bible, 'Cardila', was printed in 1554 and made Tamil the first language into print for any Indian language.
This was even before the first printing machine arrived Goa, India in 1556. Cardila was printed at Lisbon by the command of the Portuguese government with the motivation by the visits of three Paravars Vincent Nasareth, Joj Kavalko and Thomas Cruz from Tuticorin, India to Portugal. The funding for the press came from the Parvar community of Tuticorin. Planting of the Roman Catholic Faith in Pearl Fishery Coast (India) Christianity in ancient India.

Famous Paravars

Dr. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam

Human right activist:
Rev. Fr.Chandra Fernando, Sri Lankan human rights activist

Justice J.F.A. Soza, Former Supreme Court Judge of Sri Lanka

1. A X Alexander, Former Director General of Police (DGP), Tamilnadu, India
2. Dr.S.M. Daiz IPS, former DGP,tamilnadu
3. Nanjil Kumaran IPS,Tamilnadu
4. A. Adaickalam, Former Deputy Commissioner of Police (Thangachimadam) (Tamilnadu) ( India)
5. J.Michael Kennedy Fernando,IRS;Indian Revenue Service(Customs& Central Excise)1993 Batch,Additional Commissioner;Finance Ministry,Government of India.
6. Captain T.J.Thomas Fernando,former Deputy Conservator & Head of the Marine Department,Tuticorin Port Trust.
7. Berryl Victoria Cardoza, former Public Prosecutor, Karnataka Government, Bangalore.
8.Antonysamy P Rayer ( Former Deputy Commissioner of Police( Kuthenkuly),Tamilnadu

1 Shri. J.L.P. Roche Victoria,Ex- Food & Fisheries Minister,TN
2. Shri. Cruz Fernandez,Ex-Chairman, Tuticorin Municipality
3. Shri. J Ponnusamy Villavarayar - MLC(Member of Legislative Council)
4. Shri. Valampuri John Member of Parliament
5. Dr. Rex Pinheiro Madras Sherif appointed by MGR
6. Shri. G R Edmund,Fisheries Minister, MLC, Special Rep. for TN
7. Shri. Ambrose Fernando,Ex-MLA
8. Smt. Jenifer Chandran,Former Fisheries Minister,TN
9. Shri J.M.B. Roche Victoria, First Chairman of Tuticorin Municipality
10. Shri. Jude Perera ,Member, Parliament of Victoria, Australia
Dr. K. R. Narayanan, Former President of India
Jude Perera,[26] Member, Parliament of Victoria, Australia

JP Chandrababu - Tamil actor
Jacqueline Fernandez Miss Sri Lanka for Miss Universe and Actress
Rohan Fernando, Sri Lankan film maker, based in Canada

Dimitri Mascarenhas, Cricketer representing England Cricket team
Dilhara Fernando, Sri Lankan Cricketer
Ajantha Mendis, Sri Lankan Cricketer
Suresh Perera, Sri Lankan Cricketer
Joemel Fernando

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