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The Lord's Prayer into the Tamil language by Philippus Baldaeus - 1620

The Lord's Prayer into the Tamil language by Philippus Baldaeus - 1620

From the book:

A true and exact description of the most celebrated East-India coasts of Malabar and Coromandel. As also of the isle of Ceylon; with all the adjacent kingdoms, principalities, provinces, cities, chief harbours, structures, pagan temples, products, and living creatures: the manners, habits oeconomies and ceremonies of the inhabitants. As likewise the most remarkable warlike exploits, sieges, sea and field-engagements betwixt the Portuguese and Dutch; with their traffick and commerce. The whole adorned with new maps and draughts of the chief cities, forts, habits, living creatures, fruits, &c . of the product of the Indies, drawn to the life, and cut in copper plates. Also a most circumstantial and compleat account of the idolatry of the pagans in the East Indies, the Malabars, Benjans, Gentives, Brahmans, &c. Taken partly from their own Vedam, or law-book, and authentick manuscripts ...with the draughts of their idols, done after their originals.

By Philippus Baldaeus (1632-1672)
Translated fro the High Dutch by Awnsham Churchill in 1671
Printed for A. and J. Churchill, London -1703

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