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Paravars (Bharathas) of Ceylon

From the 12th to the early 15th century ,the seafaring Paravar of the fishing coast of South India were recruited by the Sri lankan Coastal kings to strengthen their armies. Mainly settled down the coastal areas (negombo ) and latter Portuguese times more Paravar came and settled ( Francis Xavier)

The last group of Paravar from south India came and settled in the British times.The cotton boom in 1850-60 more Paravar migration came from South india. mainly from Paravar oor (towns) Alanthalai ,Manapad, Punniyakayal, Tutucorin, Vembar, Vepar and Veerapandiapatnam from south india settled in sri lanka.

They had the Portuguese connection so it made them comfortable to settle in sri lanka.
Most popular names 

Pereiras , the De Mels ,the Victorias ,the Roches, the Paivas, the Mirandas .Moraeses , the lobos, The Gomez, The Croos, The Soris

Hope we all know X. I Pereira postal Stamp.. he was a politician .

Santiago Aiyya Thamby de Mel / S Miguel Fernando /J L Carwallio`s some of the old business people who were involved in Clothing .

Dry fish/ arrack/ Land sale/imports and exports/ Kerosene (risisng sun)/Hotels were popular biz..

Lots of contribution to our country, now they are Sri lankans .

in 2001 The Paravar have sought a separate identity as Barathas

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