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Madura - Gazetteer

Rare Book:
Madura - Gazetteer
By W. Francis
Printed by The Superintendent, Government Press, Madras - 1906

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1719 Carte Nouvelle des Terres de Cucan, de Canara, de Malabar, de Madura, et de Coromandel ...
By: Henri Chatelain
1719 (published) Amsterdam

This is an authentic antique map of the southern portion of India by Henri Chatelain. The map was published out of Amsterdam circa 1719 as part of Chatelain’s seven volume “Atlas Historique.”

This map shows from Goa and Nelour to the southern tip of India in exceptional detail. The Western Ghats mountain range runs the length of the coast while hills, forests and indigenous animals are engraved throughout. Cities, villages, ports, and bays are noted along the coast while the interior includes focuses on larger cities and regional divisions. Two text boxes present the history of the area and a table presents a breakdown of the various kingdoms, capitals, and cities within each province.

Source: http://bit.ly/1N0YR57

Link for an enlarged map: http://bit.ly/1MMPQrG

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